About Us

NBCD is a progressive civil society org. registered under the societies registration act West Bengal of 1961 in the year 1990. We have been striving to promote and protect the human rights of the persons with disabilities through a wide range of strategic interventions and removal of attitudinal institutional and structural barriers which they encounter on a day to day basis.

Our Vision

An inclusive society for all is including persons with disabilities where every life is valuable and gets equal opportunities to maximize their potentials.

Our Mission

Working towards the empowerment of persons with disabilities in order to equip them with appropriate attitudes perspectives knowledge and skills to combat exclusion and live a life with dignity.


  • Respect for differences and accepting disability is a human diversity and a part of humanity.
  • Valuing the innate human qualities of life.
  • Courage of conviction to take sides with persons with disabilities.
  • Investing on human talents and potentials.
  • Equality and democratic principles.


The main objective of NBCD is to promote empowerment, holistic development, effective and meaningful inclusion, promotion and protection of all human rights and fundamental freedom of persons with disability. The other objectives are as follows:

  • To undertake strategic interventions such as habilitation and rehabilitation, health, education, livelihoods, social and empowerment.
  • To work with Govt., private sector, civil societies and other stakeholders of strategic importance.
  • To sensitize, orient and train multiple stakeholders of strategic significance.
  • To generate awareness among public on disability related issues.
  • To undertake advocacy and campaigning initiatives.
  • To design develop and publish information, education and communication material.