Welcome to Prerana Educational Centre.


We have great pleasure in introducing ourselves as an Education and Rehabilitation institution, in which 128 children with disabilities are studying and undergoing re-hab programmes. Prerana is a cross-disability centre which means that children with all types of disabilities such as visual, speech and hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, intellectual and developmental disabilities including autism and orthopedic handicaps, study and receive rehabilitation training and therapy at the centre. Out of these, 40 children who are visually challenged are provided with residential facilities because they come from surrounding tea gardens and villages who cannot commute on a daily basis. All services such as tuitions, school-bussing, food, uniform, learning materials are provided free of cost, since almost all of the children belong to under-privileged families.

The Centre is also striving to promote inclusive education to the children with disabilities in mainstream schools. Around 150 cwds have been identified from nearby communities and enrolled into regular schools. This will be an opportunity to educate them and thrive in their lives.

These children most of whom come from tribal and other backward classes have proven over and over again that they have all the potentiality to excel, provided they are given the necessary support and opportunities. We do believe that all these children have a bright future.
Together, all of us can make the world a better place for them to live in. It is our fervent hope that these children will never have to face the terrible stigma of “exclusion”. They will never have to bear the awful isolation that generations after generations of children with disabilities have had to bear with the millennium gone by. We at Prerana are endeavoring to give these children a reasonable start in life. But we can only do so if high minded friends like you extend your helping hand. We are fortunate to receive support from philanthropic institutions and individuals, with whose help we are able to meet most of our cost to run the school and community activities. We do hope you will be with us in this endeavor.