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Prerana Inclusive Education Project implemented in partnership with CBM: Under this project around 140 children with different categories of disabilities are being identified, assessed and individualized education and rehabilitation programme was planned in *** selected villages and wards of Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling districts. Majority of them are being enrolled into regular schools. *** schools have been identified for focused interventions to promote inclusive education. Sensitization, teachers training, provision of therapeutic interventions, provision of assistive devices and  technology, provision of teaching and learning material, formation of After school clubs and parents groups will be undertaken soon.

Prerana Educational Centre: In partnership with CBM a special school both residential and day scholar for *** children with disabilities has been running. This school provides education, vocational training, sports and recreation, cultural activities for cwds. This also provides therapeutic interventions and training for parents and disability management related issues.

Prerana livelihood projects: Under this project mothers of the children with disabilities were trained in spice grinding and packing and horticulture. After successful completion of the training programme parents are employed in respective units who work and earn their livelihood which is an additional income and enables them to provide adequate care of their children. It is an exemplarily initiative for cooperative production and marketing. We provide seed money to them to initiate the venture which they continue successfully in future.

Muskaan: Muskaan is an annual sports meet organized every year in the month of December with the brand name of Muskaan in which children/ person with cross disability participate in this gala event. It is a mega sporting event on North Bengal which is organised in collaboration with 

Inclusive Nature Camp: PEC also conducts inclusive nature camp every year for the children with disabled along with non disabled peers, who are taken out for three days to give them the feel of the nature and also a survival technical exposure.

Include Vidya Campaign: